Sunday, August 26, 2012

Het Roze Huis at the Culture Market in Antwerp

Het Roze Huis
It is only two weeks after the Antwerp Pride and a lot has happened since then. At the closing festival of the Pride, I talked there to a friend who is already a volunteer for Het Roze Huis (literally 'The Pink House'). Het Roze Huis is an umbrella organization for LGBT organizations and groups in the Antwerp area, housed at cafe Den Draak and a daughter of the national LGBT organization Çavaria.
She told me that you could be a volunteer at more or less a freelance basis, reacting on calls on a mailing list for 'helping hands' or you could commit yourself to one of the many workgroups. Intrigued by her story, I decided to contact them and a week later I had an appointment with the coordinator. The intake conversation was very positive and I decided to put my name on the mailing list and volunteer to assist the ICT workgroup. Before I left Den Draak again, Tuur, the coordinator, told me about their stand at the Culture Market this weekend in Antwerp and that he was still looking for a couple of volunteers. I had time and decided to get started right away.

So, today the moment was there. No luck with the weather, it was raining quite hard when I arrived as the first one at our little tent. After a minute or so, the others arrived and we started unpacking everything, sticking posters, rainbow flags and more to the tent and putting flyers and stickers on the table. Rain kept pouring down, but we were still hoping for better weather. No such luck unfortunately. Last year the Culture Market was a big success, but now we saw only a few people braving the weather. At noon new volunteers arrived and I left shortly after. Pity there were not that many visitors, but the volunteers I met today were great people and I am already looking forward to a next time, when I can help out again, hopefully in the sunshine...

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