Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day of the volunteer at Het Roze Huis

Het Roze Huis
Saturday was the 'Day of the Volunteer' at Het Roze Huis (The Pink House). Since I am a volunteer there for little more than a month, I thought it would be a good moment to get to know other volunteers, and it was!
Het Roze Huis has approximately 120 volunteers, 20% more than last year and 50-60 of them were present. A group with great diversity, young and old.

The activities started at 2PM with a welcome and a little game to get to know the other volunteers by talking  to them and giving stickers with a positive impression.

Acting at Het Fakkeltheater
Afterwards the group was split into two. Those who had chosen for the Zen workshop stayed at Het Roze Huis and the others, who had chosen Drama (me included) went to  the Fakkel Theater. There we did a few basic theater exercises in a circle, followed by a bit of improvisation. An exercise where someone  was sitting on a bench in the park and someone else had to try to make him leave caused great hilarity. Time flew by as we did some other improvisations and all too soon we had to leave again, back to Het Roze Huis.

Back at Het Roze Huis we were received with a drink while the staff was preparing the dinner. We talked a bit further about the Drama experience and heard from the Zen group that that workshop had been good too, they were all very relaxed.

Dinner at Het Roze Huis
We started the dinner with an aperitif, followed by a cheese-and-wine dinner. It was a great talking to all those different people over a delicious meal.

A fantastic day ending with a 80s-90s party, a big thank you to Het Roze Huis!

You can find more pictures here.

UPDATE: even more pictures here.

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