Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fun on the Internet

The Internet
As you probably already discovered, not everything on the Internet is serious, some websites are worthless but other sites are creative and funny jewels. Now and again I shall try to highlight some of these.


This site is especially important for my American readers, now the presidential elections draw near. Who tells the most bullshit? This site can give you the reply! As an example, I compared both the national convention speeches of Barack Obama found here and of Mitt Romney here.  Obama won just with a bullshit index of 0.17 against 0.19 for Romney. The site tells us "The text shows only a few indications of 'bullshit'-English."
A cynical reader my think this is little, so I checked the text for one of my papers as well. I could  get even as low as 0.03! :-)

Unitag Live: QR Code Generator

QR Code
QR codes, if you do not know them, you must have lived on another planet the last couple of years. They appear everywhere, are quite handy to use, but often look dull, not? Unitag can change this! You can generate QR codes in different colors, with funny roundings and even pictures in  the center, as you can see in the example here.
This is all possible thanks to the error correction that comes with QR codes.

This site is free for a casual user, but there are also business plans enabling tracking of how often your QR code is used, higher resolution, and many other features.

Share anything you like in a more colorful and creative way!

XKCD and

If you are a bit of a geek reading this blog, you have probably already heard of XKCD. All others, it is about time you meet one of the funniest comics about geeks on the net!
For the geeks among you, perhaps you have not heard yet about the new blog named "What if". In this blog the author, Randall Munroe, discusses every Tuesday what would happen if very odd events took place. E.g. what if a rainstorm dropped all of its water in a single giant drop?
The author is a physicist and approaches every problem in a very humorous yet not completely unscientific way.

What are your favorite creative, funny sites? Share them with the other readers and me in the comments below!

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